About Geopathic Stress

On our planet there is a constant exchange of earthly and cosmic stress. Those going through Earth’s crust carry along the energy of the materials they pass through. These energies are called Geopathic or Geopaths, and because they are not always in tune with our body’s physiology can seriously affect your health.

Animals are very sensitive to such Geopaths. Dogs, horses and sheep, for example, are fully aware of negative earthly radiations and will never stay in a place affected by them. People in the past wanting to build their house in a field would first let sheep pasture in the field. They would then select the area where the sheep rested, as this marked the best spot!

Also thousands of years ago, ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks and others recognized the highest energy places to build their temples and places for healthcare. Also they never set their cities and homes in negative energy places; they knew that such places were only good for cemeteries! Just like today, they used dowsing methods to see if a place was right or not.

A danger we are only beginning to recognize

Nowadays, how many people know if their home is on the right place or not? If it has good energy or not? Can it affect their health and well-being, and lead to various health problems?

Science still refuses to recognize that Geopaths – or Geopathic Stress – may severely affect our health! First the English scientist De Haviland in 1861 pointed out the dangers of such stress. But only now are scientists seriously studying the claim that about 95% of cancer cases are related to such Earth stress!

Why are Geopaths a problem?

Geopathic stress is a problem because it deranges the natural energy field of our body. It is especially harmful around our bed, where we spend 7-8 hours every day. During sleep our body normally restores any daily imbalances,  but this can be interrupted by Geopathic influences.

This usually leads to bad sleep and waking up tired every morning. Without proper rest, our energy gets weak. Weak body energy affects our nervous system and our health can go downhill for no other logical reason.

What are Geopaths or Geopathic fields?

Underground water veins or water surfaces, tectonic faults or caves, and certain minerals’ radiation are considered as main Geopaths, affecting from small to very large areas. Also there are certain geo-magnetic grids, outstretching all over the globe, obviously related to Earth’s magnetic field. Those are incompatible to humans, not all the way, but at their crossing points. Most common are the Hartman Grid and the Curry Net, named by the scientists who discovered them.

The picture below shows such Geopaths in a house. Light blue: water vein, Pink: tectonic fault, Gray: Hartman grid and Green: Curry net. Here is a bed, which on the right side has no Geopathic influence, while the left side is affected by three major Geopaths: water, fault and curry node! An extreme but not unreal example at all!

How unaffected may be the health of the person sleeping on that side of the bed?

So the question remains, “Can such Geopathic issues be solved? Can this property be saved?” If you ask scientists, probably 88% will respond, “What are Geopaths?” 11% may say, “NO – there is no scientific way to save this house”. And only 1% might say, “Well, go find a Geopathologist, an experienced dowser that can see the problems; he/she might have a proper solution to propose”.

If you are concerned that your home might be affected by Geopaths, we provide a free survey service. If such earthly rays are identified, be assured there is no need to move home or rebuild the house again. Instead, we can provide you with harmonizers that guaranty to balance the adverse rays and radiations forever and make your home a healthier place to live, for you and your family.