The quality of your everyday life and your good mood is directly related to the balance of your energetic field. That is susceptible to external situations, especially if you sensitive to negative vibrations and non-pure intentions of others.
Vital Symbols pendants form a protective, empowering field, not allowing such negative energies to harm you.
The Home & Bed Shields protect your place and sleep respectively from undesirable external interference.

# 322 Golden Shield – Unique Energetic Protection

size Φ 30mm …… ….. € 52.00

A special personal protection from all negative external influences, bad intentions and possible hostility, hate, envy, etc.
Golden Shield empowers your solar plexus chakra so that you may easily “handle” such negative conditions. So, you will not be dependent on this pendant; you will mainly need it until your solar plexus is strong and balanced.
Also it keeps your vital energy at top lever, not letting Geopathic and E/M radiations affect your vitality.

# 222 Shield of Life – Protecting your Well-being

size Φ 30mm ….. ….. € 52.00

A powerful protection of your personal vital energy from negative vibrations and influences, coming from bad intentions of other people or from tense or low energy environment. Shield of Life is ideal for anyone being susceptible to such negative situations due to weakness of their throat chakra. Wearing it also sufficiently protects your vitality from Geopathic rays & E/M radiations.
Note that you won’t have to always wear this pendant; you may mostly need it until your throat chakra is strong and balanced.

# 202 Vital Joy! – An anti-stress aid

size – Φ 30mm ….. € 49.00

Anxieties, worries, distress, frustration, depression, “rob” our joy and diminish our vital energy.
Vital Joy pendant keeps your energetic field protected during stressful situations. It also empowers your self-confidence and self-esteem. Just put it on and do enjoy everyday life!

# 224 Home Shield – Protection of Home / Work

size A6 ……… € 66.00

People visiting your home or work may curry with them all kinds of “non positive” energies. So, placing the Home Shield plate on a visible point at your place then your visitors / customers will be welcome, leaving any negative intentions and bad vibrations outside!

# 226 Bed Shield – Protection during Sleep

size A8 ……… € 33.00

During sleep we are vulnerable to energies that may disturb our rest, like nightmares or uneasy dreams. Put Bed Shield card under the mattress, or stick it on the bed head, for energetic protection during sleep.
One size, for single, double or king size beds.

Special Offer : Both Home & Bed Shield at € 79.00 (from 99.00)

# 424 Vital Starlight – Protection from Radiations, anywhere

A8 (credit card) size …….. € 70.00

Wherever you go, you are exposed to the E/M fields of transportation means (any vehicle, train or airplane), as well as of the place you go to. Also, you can never be sure if any Geopaths may disturb your rest, wherever you spend the night. The Vital Starlight card (previously named Vital Travel) protects 100% your vitality and well-being by harmonizing all such earthly and E/M radiations, no matter how intense they may be!


The pendants are all hand made, each on a sea shell base, a natural and friendly to our body material. They operate indefinitely without any need for cleansing or recharging, like all Vital Symbols.