Vital Symbols was founded by Ermilios Kyritsis, a Geopathologist & EMFs expert, a Reiki & Symbol Treatment practitioner and a Dowsing & Radiaesthetic expert.

Kyritsis’ interest in the earth’s energy fields first began when an agricultural student. He recognized that there are actions taking place in nature beyond what we can perceive with our eyes and ears, and touch with our hands, beyond even what scientific research could categorize.

His studies into the earth’s energy then expanded into studies of holistic health issues. This included modern Homeopathy applications, medication-free treatment, applied Kinesiology, nutrition, Bach remedies, Reiki treatment and Bio-resonance.

In recent years Kyritsis developed a particular passion for the energy fields created both by the Earth and man-made devices – electromagnetic radiations. From his time as a Reiki practitioner and dowser, in the 1990s, Kyritsis had seen firsthand how imbalanced energy fields can affect our health and longevity. His expertise in tracking down all geopathic fields and electromagnetic radiations through dowsing and radiaesthetic practice, also made him uniquely skilled to conduct new avenues of research into its causes, effects and solutions.

In 2008 Kyritsis discovered that the use of specific Symbols could effectively balance health issues, which are actually energetic imbalances in our body. A unique method that he called Symbol Treatment. In the following years he continued to hone his research until his discovery, in early 2011, of special combined symbols that proved to neutralize all negative, conflicting energies and radiations.

And so Vital Symbols harmonizers were born!