We can assess your health risk remotely

Wherever you live, Yorgos Kyritsis can check your personal vitality from afar, by radiaesthetic dowsing way, to see if – and measure how much – your vitality may be affected by Geopathic and/or Electromagnetic stress. That also gives an indication of your home’s average vital energy.

Additionally, Y.K. checks if you have any Radon surcharge, which seriously affects health – as a known carcinogen factor.

Simply email your namegenderyear of birth and city/country of residence to: yk@vitalsymbols.net
You may also include family members details (living with you) to check, if you wish so.

In a few days you’ll get a detailed report, without ANY obligation to buy anything.

Just if you are satisfied by the assessment, a € 5 donation will be appreciated.
The PayPal account, if you’d wish to make a donation is: theartoflife3@gmail.com

So get in touch to check if your energy and home are both healthy and free from “not proper” energies.


Your personal details are confidential, and won’t be kept in a database nor be given to anyone.
Also you’ll never receive ANY advertising emails from us.