The need for our body to be unaffected from heavy metals, recently led to the manifestation of Purity VS.
This credit-card size plate neutralizes the effects of harmful chemicals in our body, through drinking water, even if they’ve been accumulating for years.

That’s feasible by drinking daily 6-7 glasses of Purity VS energized water for 8-12 weeks! And then, 2-3 glasses/day will keep you protected from any chemical imbalance! You simply stick the plate on the side of a pitcher or bottle filled with water and drink from that. And it works forever!

How is that possible? As its instigator says…

The secret of Purity VS – as with all Vital Symbols – is proper “information & vibration”. This plate activates a unique harmonizing energy, conveying to water – and our body – much superior vibrations than those of harmful chemicals. This way they are inactivated and it becomes much easier for our body to discard them.

There are no side effects, even if you exceed the recommended dosage or duration.

Appropriate also or children over six years old – 1 to 3 glasses/day are sufficient, depending on age and possible chemical contamination.