You can’t see it, hear it or even feel it. But there are fields of invisible energy swirling all around you that can affect your mental and physical wellbeing. These fields of energy run all the way from the earth’s core to the surface, and have existed since our planet’s inception. But as a result of the huge changes made to the earth’s surface, the natural flow of this energy has been distorted and altered. It is now being blamed for the rise in serious illness due to a condition known as Geopathic stress.

Geopathic stress is a relatively new term for the damage that earthly radiations can have on your health. First discovered by geobiologists, in studies of the relationship between the earth’s energies and our wellbeing, alarm over the impact of Geopathic stress has led to many scientists, researchers and public health officials to call for new measures to protect against its damaging effects.

What is Geopathic stress?

As the earth rotates, it creates a vibration that travels through the earth’s layers and to the surface. Normally, these vibrations are at a frequency that’s in tune with the frequency of our brains and bodies.

However, these deep vibrations can be altered by underground streams and geological faults, like mineral deposits and caverns. This causes their frequency to change to a higher level that’s potentially hazardous to our health because it in turn can distort the frequencies of our own brains and bodies.

Why Geopathic stress is dangerous

Like the world around us, our body’s have vibrations, or small electrical charges, of their own. Our cells are a network of electric impulses which transfer messages throughout our body and regulate our health.

These charges are naturally at a frequency that’s in tune with that of the vibrations of the earth’s core, estimated to be around 10 Hertz. Problems occur when this frequency is altered due to Geopathic stress, which prevents the cells in our bodies and brains from working properly.

Geopathic stress isn’t believed to cause illness on its own. But what it does do is lower our body’s immune system by altering the frequency of our cells, making it harder to ward off disease and illness.

Symptoms of Geopathic stress include:

– Feeling rundown and exhausted
– Tingling in the arms and legs
– Chronic back pain, headaches, irritability and insomnia
– Anxiety, depression and loss of appetite
– Sleep disorders, sleep walking and nightmares
– Cases of cancer, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy and bipolar disorder
– Problems conceiving, miscarriages and birth defects
– Learning difficulties, hyperactivity and behavioral problems
– Neurological disabilities in children.

You only have to look at the huge rises in insomnia, stress, depression and more serious illnesses to know that there are negative changes taking place in the world around us. Geopathic stress is a symptom of those changes.

Recognition of Geopathic stress in science

It’s no coincidence that the practice of feng shui and awareness of Geopathic stress have both risen dramatically in the last century.

The earth’s natural energy fields were first identified by the physicist W.O.Schumann in 1952, and were assessed to be oscillating at an average frequency of 7.83 Hz. This is identical to the frequency of the alpha waves in our brains, which explains why any changes in their intensity can adversely affect our physical and mental well being.

NASA are one of the most notable organisations to recognise the risks of Geopathic stress. For this reason, it has ‘Schumann resonators’ built into its space shuttles to artificially recreate the earth’s frequencies and safeguard the health of its astronauts.

Experiments find a link between electropathic energy fields and rising stress levels

Geopathic stress is an extremely complex subject, with views differing greatly between biologists and biophysicists. However, advances in detection technology are helping to find ways of demonstrating the link between Geopathic stress levels and their effect on the human body.

Experiments conducted by Prof. Dr. Gerhard W. Hacker at the Institute for Frontier Questions of Life and Geowave® Research in Salzberg Austria, found a correlation between human stress levels and the level of electropathic energy in the room.

In the first experiment the stress levels of nine test subjects were measured periodically as part of a larger experiment into the effects of GSM mobile phone base stations. It was found that cortisol (a hormone related to stress) levels increased in correlation to changes in energy fields. Stress was measured with saliva samples and with gas discharge visualisation (GDV) readings taken on the tips of fingers. GDV is currently believed to be one of the best methods we have of identifying the effects of Geopathic stress on the human body.

The second experiment involved a double blind trial of 52 people in two different zones. Both zones were doused by professional dowsers to identify areas of Geopathic stress. GDV readings taken of each test subject then revealed significant differences in relation to the levels of Geopathic stress in each room. This experiment also found that the use of harmonizers had a positive effect on the stress readings.

In both experiments the data was deemed to indicate clear evidence of how the effects of Geopathic stress can be detected on the human body. More importantly, the rise in stress levels indicates how Geopathic stress can harm the body’s immune system, making us vulnerable to serious illness and disease.

Warning signs your home might be affected by Geopathic stress

If you don’t have a geomancer or feng shui practitioner, there are many warning signs that your home might be affected by Geopathic stress:

– It takes you a long time to recover from illness
– You suffer from lethargy, low moods or feel anxious but don’t know why
– Your health deteriorated after moving to your home
– Your health improves whenever away from home for a period of time, such as on holiday
– The previous occupants of your home suffered from serious or long-term illness
– You or your family members sense a feeling of unease at home
– Your home feels unnaturally cold or damp

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms since moving to a new home or on an ongoing basis, it could be due to geopathic stress.

How to reduce the risk of Geopathic stress in your home

You are most vulnerable to Geopathic stress during your sleep. Your body needs this time to recuperate, replenish cells and ward off illness. If your bed falls within an area of such earthly radiations then this prevents you from getting the healthy, rejuvenating sleep you need because your body has to use all its energy to ward off the ill effects of Geopathic stress.

All fields of Geopathic stress can be cleared by positioning a Vital Symbols crystal harmonizer in your home. These are specially designed plates based on unique combinations of energetic, linear arithmetic and geometric – of sacred geometry – symbols and shapes, which have the ability to interact with all Geopathic and electromagnetic fields in that place, balancing their frequency and transmuting the negative energies away. Their effectiveness does not reduce by time, so actually all Vital Symbols operate indefinitely.

The crystal Vital Symbols harmonizers are able to clear a field of 25m surrounding it, up to 770m by the strongest one. The latter resonates with any other Vital Symbols harmonizer in a whole city area, to create a blanket protection, a harmonious lattice all over that city.

Humans are not the only ones being affected by Geopathic stress; the same is valid for many domestic and farm animals, as well as trees, plants and cultivations. By harmonizing a place, all the above which are within the harmonizer’s range, can also benefit greatly.

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