Geopathic stress is about how our body is affected, if living in a place influenced by adverse earthly rays. The presence of such radiations is a natural phenomenon on the planet. They are Earth’s energies incompatible with our physiology and present everywhere, even in our homes. These disturb our body’s natural energetic field and thus may affect our health.

Ancient civilizations knew about such radiations and how to locate them, by dowsing methods – as they are detected even today. So they used to set their cities choosing the best location and avoiding negatively charged places. Also choosing only special, high energy locations for their temples and health treatment areas. Today, is any hospital located in a high energetic place which would assist in patients’ healing? Who knows – nobody cares to check!

This knowledge was forgotten by time, to get presently to the modern times where live contact with Mother Earth is long lost. And being drawn away from nature, we also got away from our true nature and so we lost our basic instinct that leads us to distinguish and know what’s good for us or not.

Animals recognize the quality of energy around them. Dogs always choose the best place in the house to sleep. They’d never rest on an area affected by geopaths. They can feel that the energy there is harmful. The same applies to horses, sheep, mice and other animals. Strangely enough, cats prefer negative geo-energy. They usually choose a surcharged place to sleep, but somehow can discharge themselves.

Now, there is a way to find out by ourselves if we are affected by geopathic fields or not. By simply reviving our basic instinct of what’s good for us. This way we may also distinguish anything positive or negative for us. General health rules are not sufficient, since it is known that, “one’s medicine may be another’s poison.”

Something inside knows what benefits us, in a foolproof way. We are actually pure energetic beings, so energy fluctuations stimulate or weaken us accordingly. Whatever good boosts our energy; anything harmful “steals” our energy, like the negative earth rays do.

To revive this innate wisdom, we need to start seeing how our body responds to positive or negative stimuli. Τo do that we just need to be simple and focused; and also bring forth some neglected values, like pure intent, clear mind, honesty (with ourselves) and introspection.

Beware however – mind has the capacity to mislead you. If, for example, you love chocolate and don’t want to see the possibility of harming you, you may affect the result accordingly. So, you may fool yourself, but that’s not going to lead you to true and helpful results.

This simple method is a practical application of diagnostic Kinesiology, a “living” science, developed by open-minded scientists, therapists, or ordinary people, who seek the greatness of body’s and spirit’s wisdom. To practice it you just need to be calm, rested, focused and alcohol & substances free.

So, the first step is: ASK TO BE GIVEN. Do you really want to know what your body has to tell you? Then ask it to show you. Clearly ask your body to share its wisdom with you. With pure intent, say that you wish this communication. That simple!

Second step: LEARN TO RECOGNIZE THE BODY LANGUAGE. You stand up loose, with eyes closed. In this position observe that body has a tendency to easily swing forth or back. Let any hand rest high on the stomach, just below the breastbone, on your emotional center known as solar plexus.

Remain in balance and ask the first question to your body: SHOW ME “GOOD” FOR ME. And eavesdrop… Feel the tension… Simply and loose… You’ll feel leaning forward. Then you raise the second question: SHOW ME “NO GOOD” FOR ME. Feel the tendency to lean backwards. That is actually a natural reaction for all. A nice rose scents and you lean forward to smell it. You open a jar e.g. with a stinky thing and you step back with loathing.

So, you keep on practicing…
Think of a sunny spring day… how does your body respond?
Think of being really cold in winter… how does your body respond?
Think of dreamy vacation… how does your body respond?
Think a bill you have to pay… how does your body respond?
Think of a person you love… how does your body respond?
Think of someone that is hostile to you… how does your body respond?

And very important…
Say, I’m wonderful… what’s your body’s response?
Say, I’m completely stupid… what’s the response?
I am strong and well… what’s the response?
I am sick and weak… what’s the response?
I can’t make it… what’s the response?

When you get clear responses from your body, you’ve achieved two very important things. The first is the beginning of a valuable communication. And the second is perhaps the most important lesson you should never forget! How important are positive thoughts and expressions in your life. A wise man has said: “By our words and thoughts every moment we sow our future!”

Do you realize what happens saying “I’m stupid or weak or sick?” It is stealing your energy! You may not realize it, but your body gets the message, loses energy, and leans backwards. If you say “Oh, I just made a foolish thing”, it will not step back. It may remain still or go back and forth, as if saying: “So what; that’s nothing new!”

Can you see the difference between, “You did a foolish thing” and “You are an idiot”? Especially when that’s addressed to a child? Huge difference! Just now, perhaps, you may realize the impact wrong thoughts and expressions can have on you and others. So, try to mostly express the good and positive. This is also – like everything in life – a matter of choice and practice.

So, after realizing this body communication, you may get deeper into it. Concentrate on the place you sleep… what’s the response? If you lean forth, it’s fine. If you lean back… something’s wrong; probably a geopathic issue. So look for a “clear” area for your bed. Simply visualize placing your bed to another location, maybe a little to the left or right. Then ask again the question. If you lean forth, transfer your bed there. If you lean back, look for another place, in another room… until you find a right spot. If this practice does not show you a solution, it means that “moving” bed is not sufficient, so you better ask help from a specialized dowser.

At this point a reasonable question may occur: “How may I know if the dowser gives me a proper solution”? Do you think all this rocking back and forth, it’s been a waste of time? Ask your body to clearly tell you! If the solution is right, it will show immediately, before even applying it! Just like you visualizing another location to transfer your bed. So, do you begin “suspecting” the potentials of this simple method? Let’s see some more applications.

You may find out if sleeping place is right also for family members, living perhaps in another neighborhood, in another city, or even in another country – no matter where. There is nothing “unnatural or magic” about that, but yes, it’s not explained by logic. Remember though… everything is somehow connected to the same universal energy. So, just visualize yourself there “lying down” at their bed, asking to feel the energy of that position. Depending on the response, you know what to do next – if not OK, “look” for a better place.

You need to confront let’s say a serious cold and doctor suggests X medicine. Is this the most appropriate or may it have serious side effects for you? So, go to the pharmacy get the box of X drug and place it on your chest bone – over the thymus gland – and… you know the rest. If you lean back, then ask for an alternative. Search until your body says “Yes, that’s OK for me.” If, of course, you wish to get the best for you and not what anyone THINKS that may be good for you!

In the same way you can check if a proposed medication is appropriate for your mate or child. You may even clarify the ideal dosage. Just ask yourself questions like, how many per day… for how many days… before meals… etc. In such cases start counting slowly and your body will lean forth at the right answer – believe it or not! Actually… only if you believe it; if not, your body has no reason to show you something you don’t believe!

The potential of this practice has no limits. The wisdom hidden in our DNA is part of the great Universal wisdom, so actually the sky is the limit. Just need to learn to trust YOU, as I said… through pure intent, honesty and introspection! This way you may check food, nutritional supplements, medications, exercise types… even the right book to read or the right restaurant to eat; whatever would benefit you or not!

So, discover the incredible possibilities life offers to anyone respecting it and living with simplicity, positivity and good intentions. Cultivate those values in the pure garden of children. Teach them this simple way to realize that not all is good for them, but they can find out which are, if they wish. In school they’ll learn thousands of things, but not how to discover their innate wisdom. So, offer them the chance to be really equipped for a good and healthy life, in order to bring hope to our society.

Author: Yorgos Kyritsis

4 thoughts on “Geopathic Stress and Kinesiology

  1. This was lovely to read. You encouragement to bring the power back to the self and live in simplicity is true and I have been moving in that direction. You just read my home as requested by my friend Connie Hargrave in Nanaimo, a long time friend and a true seeker too. It is hard to know how bad you feel till you feel better! I’m going to get something for the water under my home very soon. What I get is not clear yet. My only malaise seems to be in the area if my nervous system resulting in high blood pressure and some edems at my ankle area. I have hopes that may be related to the geographical aspects of my home. Time will tell, and I will ask my body more! Thanks for the reading. Unfortunately my sister emailed me that she wasn’t interested. I am very interested, and consider myself to be more open to learning. Your help is appreciated.

    1. Dear Cherryl, I feel that your health issues are somehow related to your Geopathic Stress. I hope we’ll have the chance to meet soon and probably find a way to make you feel – and be – better. And don’t worry about your sister; if she sees you feeling better, maybe then she will reconsider the issue. So until we meet keep on the good work of communicating with your own body!

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