Vital Symbols harmonize ALL Geopathic and ElectroMagnetic radiations, keeping you and your family protected from negative influences, forever!
Their spherical harmonizing power is not limited at all by walls or floors, so they restore the vital energy not only of your place, but all around it too!

# 424 Vital Starlight – Protection anywhere you go

Size card A8 (credit card size) …. € 70.00

Wherever you go, you are exposed to the E/M fields of transportation means (any vehicle, train or airplane), as well as of the place you go to. Also you can never be sure if any Geopathic fields may disturb your rest, where you spend the night.
Vital Starlight (originally named Vital Travel) protects 100% your vitality and well-being by harmonizing all such earthly and E/M radiations, no matter how intense they may be!
In credit card size, easily carried anywhere in your shirt pocket, bag or wallet. And wherever you go with it, anyone within is range of 6 meters -20 feet- will also benefit from it’s unique harmonizing effect!
It should definitely be placed in your bedroom at night, to make sure no such radiation will affect you during sleep!

# 2244 New Era Light – A Harmonizer for every home!

size 17 x 12 x 1.3 cm ….. € 369.00

New Era Light brings new light into your life! It fully harmonizes all E/M & Geopathic radiations, covering a radius of 35 meters -115 feet- all around it, which means that your close neighbors will also benefit all the same.
It raises the vital energy of your place to over 330%, protecting you from all such non ionized radiations, indefinitely.

NOTE: Like all V.S. harmonizers, New Era Light‘s power does not diminish over time. On the contrary, “her” power somehow keeps gradually rising! When NEL was first materialized, it had an 82 feet range and 180% vitality potential. The increase is noticed on all V.S. crystal harmonizers…

# 2233 Crystal Harmony – An Amazing Harmonizer!

size 22 x 22 x 2.8 cm ….. € 686.00

The very special Crystal Harmony neutralizes ALL E/M & Geopathic fields in an area of 185 meters or 600 feet all around “her” – a six acres coverage! This means that in a populated city area hundreds of people may also benefit from your “investing” in a better quality life. Even from that aspect it’s a true life investment!
Also it permanently raises the vital energy of your place to over 550%, keeping you and your family perfectly protected from all such radiations or vibrations, indefinitely. You simply can’t imagine what it’s like living 24/7 in such a high energetic environment!

# 3344 Cosmic Harmony – An Unparalleled Harmonizer!

size 22 x 22 x 2.8 cm ….. € 1,440.00

Cosmic Harmony harmonizes ALL radiations and vibrations in a radius of 980 meters – 3,215 feet – all around her, permanently raising the vital energy of where she is placed to over 850% – absolutely more than ANY known energetic place in the world!! This means she permanently harmonizes a whole area of over 330 hectares, even if over-populated!

She is also programmed to connect and resonate with ALL other Vital Symbols crystal harmonizers within a town or city. So, it creates a harmonious energetic network across the city! 6, 9 or 12 Cosmic Harmonies evenly spread in a city – depending on how big that is – can radically change the whole city’s vital energy and improve peoples’ lives.

NOTE: Cosmic Harmony is intended for people carrying about the common good. That’s why she is not being sold, neither here nor elsewhere. Not all can suddenly withstand such high energy, anyway. So, anyone interested has to start with a smaller crystal harmonizer first. And upon the founder’s approval, you may have the Cosmic Harmony returning the other harmonizer anytime and paying the difference.

# 2255 New Era Anti-Radon – A Unique Harmonizer, also for Radon!

size 17 x 12 x 1.3 cm ….. € 499.00

There is nothing like New Era Anti-Radon in the world!  An E/M & Geopathic radiations harmonizer, handling also radioactive ones!
Its coverage is 55 meters – 180 feet – around it, raising the vital energy of your place to over 450%.
Its uniqueness lies in neutralizing Radon, a radioactive gas found also in residential areas. Beyond that it cleans off the radioactive surcharge of people living there, operating indefinitely like all Vital Symbols.

NOTE: If you have any such Radon evidence or even suspicion, simply ask Yorgos Kyritsis to check (from afar) if there are signs of such encumbrance. That’s free of charge, anyway (see Free Personal Checking).