size 22x22mm ….. € 17.00

Cellular and wireless phone E/M radiation becomes harmless by simply placing the Vital Mobile chip on the back of your device.
Enjoy communication without health hazard! It’s thin enough to fit under the back cover, or you may simply stick it on the back.

Family package: Buy 3 and get 1 more for free! Plus free shipment! ….. € 51.00

# 112 VITAL TABLET – For safer use of tablets

size 25x37mm ….. € 19.00

The E/M radiation of a tablet becomes harmless by simply sticking the Vital Tablet chip on the back of your device.
Enjoy the wide applications of your tablet without any health hazard!

# 114 VITAL VISUAL – For monitor, TV set or Laptop

size A8 (8.5×5.4cm) ….. € 24.00

Every day we spend hours in front of a monitor or a TV set, affected by their harmful E/M radiation. Place Vital Visual on the back of the screen -or on laptop lid- to harmonize its radiation, for safer and rested use.

# 115 VITAL PC-S – For Desktops, Laptops & sound systems

size A8 ….. € 24.00

Vital PC-S harmonizes your computer’s E/M field, for much safer use! Also enhances (harmonizes) the quality of sound, if applied on sound systems. So try both applications!
Just stick it on desktop tower, under laptop, behind tablet, or on your sound system – amplifier, deck, speakers.

# 119 WiFi Card – For WiFi Signal Radiation

size A8 ….. € 24.00

Wireless technology is useful, but how safe is WLAN or WiFi signal all over your place, 24/7? This WiFi Card placed on the router makes this signal harmless for people!

# 126 Electro Card – For the EMF of the Electrical Circuit

size A6 ….. € 55.00

Stick the Electro Card on the electric board of your home or work and it will harmonize – make harmless – all the EMFs created by the electric circuit. It covers a place up to 180 m2.

# 193 Safe Micro – For Microwave Ovens

size A8 ….. € 24.00

Are microwaves safe and harmless for preparing or heating food? Scientific views vary.
With Safe Micro on your oven its E/M field will be neutralized and safe to use, indefinitely!

# 194 Vital Fridge – For Refrigerator’s EMF

size A8 ….. € 24.00

Protect your food from Refrigerator’s or Freezer’s motor E/M field, and preserve them better with a Vital Fridge plate.
Place it inside at the lower place or stick it by its side.

# 191 Vital Auto – Harmonizes EMF in your vehicle

size A8 ….. € 24.00

The EMF created by the engine and the electrical circuit of the car is often accountable for the driver’s fatigue.
Vital Auto card harmonizes that and improves the environment in your vehicle, for safer driving.

# 1221 EMF Curtain – For External EMFs – coverage 25x15m

size A6 ….. € 66.00

Placed on the side wall of your house (inside) EMF curtain makes an energetic filtering curtain covering a surface of 25×15 m – about a 4-floor building! ALL External electric, cellular and wireless radiations coming through this “curtain”, will no more affect living beings.