Electromagnetic radiation and Geopathic rays are believed to be harmful to our health because they upset and imbalance our body’s natural energy field. Our body is filled with small electrical pulses, which carry messages around the body and are a vital part of your immune system. The spread of electromagnetic radiation, from cellphone towers, powerlines and all the electrical devices that surround us, is believed to affect these natural charges. This in turn affects your immune system, making you more prone to ill health.

So, if you want to protect yourself from such radiations, you have to counter protect yourself from the unhealthy and unnatural energy waves they create.

According to a known law of physics, when two matching frequencies or wavelengths cross, they are mutually neutralized. Homeopathy is based on that principle – two similar forces will cancel each other out. So, an Austrian physicist Erich Körbler discovered in 1980 that certain linear symbols placed on our body have this very effect. But this was not just a new idea; knowledge of this principle dates far back in history. The Otzi mummy, for example, that was discovered frozen on the Alps and believed to date to 5,000 BC have had imprinted such linear symbols on his body to counter health issues.

Vital Symbols that neutralize unhealthy energy

In 2011 our founder, Hermelios Kyritsis, conducted extensive experiments to find a way of neutralizing the energy waves caused by earthly and E/M radiation. He devised a series of ‘vital symbols’ based on Arithmetic, Geometric and balancing Symbols that are able to neutralize particular negative wavelengths, including those created by tectonic faults and water veins. These are combined with energetic symbols, like the Flower of Life on top, to spread their effects and harmonize any harmful wavelengths all around them.

We have now created a series of Harmonizing tools for use in your home, office or even for personal use, like for your cellphone.

Our harmonizers are all handmade, based on sacred Geometry and the combined power of such symbols energized in a special way. Not only are they designed to reduce the damage of electromagnetic and Geopathic radiation, but also to reinstate the vital energy and natural frequency of the environment they are placed within.

We understand that you may be skeptical of whether our Vital Symbols harmonizers work. So to address your doubts, we offer them with a 99 day guarantee. If during this period you aren’t sensing any improvement, then simply contact us for a full refund. Note that the harmonizing effects are actually instantaneous, so no need to wait for months to feel their positive effects!

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