FREE checking of your personal Vital energy

Wherever you live, Yorgos Kyritsis can check your personal vital energy levels from afar, by radiaesthetic dowsing way, to see if – and how much – your vital energy is affected by Geopathic or Electromagnetic stress.

Simply email your namegenderyear of birth and city/country of residence to:
You may also include family members’ details to check.

In a few days you’ll get a detailed reply, with no obligation whatsoever.

Yorgos Kyritsis can additionally make a thorough energetic research of your home, work, piece of land, etc, by distant (map) dowsing, for a fee. See details

So get in touch to check your energy and home are both healthy and free from “not proper” energy.


Your personal details are confidential, and won’t be kept in a database or be given to anyone.
Also you’ll never receive ANY advertising emails from us.