Body Harmonizing through Specific Symbols

Every health issue is associated with an energetic disorder in our body. So, if we can release the energy blockage related to any physical disorder, the source of that issue is weakened and our body then can heal itself!

This is feasible by a practical noninvasive method called Symbol Treatment, exclusively developed by Ermilios Kyritsis. For this treatment, we don’t need analytical disease designations, lab tests, x-rays, etc. Because the focus is NOT on the external signs of any problem but just on its energetic aspect which, in the bottom line, is an imbalance.

What’s the logic behind Symbol Treatment?

When energies (vibrations) of the same frequency meet, they are mutually negated and neutralized, according to a law of physics. Any corporal disorder has an energetic identity – a frequency – which in this case is identified through dowsing (by pendulum). That can be balanced by applying specific Symbols of the same frequency, since the like cures like – which is the essence of Homeopathy.

What are these Symbols and how are they applied?

These are printed combinations of specific Arithmetic, Sacred Geometric, and Special Energetic Symbols. They are applied to the points where they confront and neutralize the disorder’s relevant frequency and bring forth balance.
This may be applied along with – and enhance – any other medical treatment, without ANY side or counter effects. That way chronic or temporary physical problems can be resolved, even autoimmune or other degenerative diseases. Any energy blockage has the potential to be released that way, for a harmonious and healthy body.

Ermilios, how does this Symbol Treatment work?

I can work on ANY health condition, even without your physical presence. I treat people all over the world, without ever meeting them! I can sense the energetic disorders related to your health issues and apply the proper Symbol Treatment on body organs charts named on you.

For that, it’s essential to trust your innate healing power, which is triggered when the energetic aspects of your issues are balanced through this unique treatment. So, it’s very essential to permit healing to take place for you!
You should express this verbally to yourself and also convey it to me.

This way you allow me to get from your innate wisdom the proper information for your betterment. Also, by expressing that, you order your body cells to take advantage of the balance provided by the symbol treatment and gain health!

After applying the proper symbols on relevant body charts, your “file case” is permanently placed in an extremely high-energy structure named  V.S. Healing Chamber – see picture. There it is being fully energized on 24/7 basis, for optimal and long-lasting results.

For a complete balancing treatment, I regularly monitor how it evolves and apply any adjustment that might be needed for two months, at NO extra charge!

In closing, you should keep in mind that the result of any treatment may be doubtful or not lasting if the place you live in and/or work is affected by Geopathic rays or electromagnetic radiation. Because then all the healing benefits you get from the treatment may “go down the drain”, sooner or later, due to such radiations. Note that Vital Symbols harmonizers guarantee the permanent neutralization of all such hazards.

I offer this treatment to children up to 16 years old with serious illnesses, FREE of charge!
See below samples of how this treatment is applied to body shapes for each person.

Ermilios Kyritsis
Symbol Treatment founder