Water, the Source of Life!

Without water there would be no life on Earth! All we see, all we are is mostly water; 75% of our body, 93% of our blood, up to 96% of our food… It’s the greatest energy conductor. It has a kind of mind of its own and even memory!
As Dr. Masaru Emoto researches have shown, the water is directly affected under pure or polluted circumstances, positive or negative written or spoken words, gentle or harsh music. It even responds to our thoughts and intentions!
Vital Symbols harmonizers pass to the water information of primordial order, pureness, and harmony, restoring its original vital energy.

# 102 Vital Water – Vitalizing Drinking Water

size A8 ……… € 19.00

Let your water glass or bottle rest on Vital Water card for a few seconds and it will regain its high vitality. Keep it there and the water will be protected from any negative vibrations. Taste the difference in your coffee, tea, milk, juices, etc.
The two words on the card, “ΎΔΩΡ ΝΕΑΡΟΝ”, are in ancient Greek meaning “Fresh Water”, for conveying along with the other shapes and symbols – shown or hidden – primordial information of freshness to the water.

# 101 Vital F & D – Energizing Food & Drinks

size A6 …….. € 44.00

Simply place any food or drink on or close to the Vital F & D card for a few minutes and it will regain much vital energy which is lost due to chemicals and processing. Also, the increased vitality reduces the effects of any harmful ingredients contained, like conservatives, colors, and other chemicals.

# 422 Purity V.S. – Inactivates Harmful chemicals

size A8 ……. € 55.00

The Purity VS card neutralizes the harmful chemicals and heavy metals in water and simply drinking that energized water in a specific manner, makes it easier those toxins to be cleared out from our body! A unique way of detoxification!
See if you wish how it works…

# 444 Purity FORTE – Inactivates Chemicals PLUS Radioactive Ones

size A8 ……… € 77.00

Purity Forte card neutralizes heavy metals in water and drinking that, inactivates harmful chemicals in our body, even radioactive elements of minor contamination, and assists in their cleansing from our body.
The study of results on strong radioactive contamination is still pending.

# 103 Vital Water Tank – For Water Reservoirs – up to 25 m3

size A6 ……… € 69.00 </p>

Vital Water Tank card restores the vital energy of water and keeps it fresher in metal or plastic reservoirs, by sticking it on their external side. For brick or cement reservoirs, hang it inside or let it float on the water surface (in waterproof plexiglass casing). For bigger tanks, you may apply two or more cards.

# 103a Vital Water Tank – For Water Reservoirs – Waterproof

size A6 ……… € 94.00 </p>

It restores the vital energy of water and keeps it fresher in metal or plastic reservoirs of up to 25 M3. For brick or cement reservoirs hang it inside or let it float on the water surface. It comes in plexiglass, waterproof casing.
Like all Vital Symbols, Vital Water Tank never loses its harmonizing ability!